Wholesale & Retail Stores

Our store operations began in the 1940’s. Today, we have two mega stores: one that specialises in builders hardware and a household and retail store.


Shore Base Operations

GYSBI is a majority Guyanese-owned shore base facility built to provide a world-class level of service and support to the emerging oil & gas industry.


Shipping & Logistics

Our shipping agency has over 20 year of experience in the shipping industry and caters to the import, export, brokerage, transportation and logistics.


Travel Service

We’re the number one Travel Agency in Guyana. We have the biggest team of agents that are always available at your request.


Company News

19 Nov 19

Our terminal is now ISO 9001 Certified!Congrats to our entire team who made it possible....


Muneshwers Limited is a combination of unique but relating subsidiaries that allows us to stand out as your number one partner in business.

  1. 1
    Muneshwers Hardware Store

    Muneshwers Limited originated as a mom and pop trading enterprise, as was typical of many businesses in the 1940’s. Mr. Somwaru Muneshwer was a buyer and seller of cloth before branching off into the trade of builders hardware. [Read more]

  2. 2
    Muneshwers Event & Household Store

    This store has created its own identity over the years, offering a wide range of event and household items to cater for any occasion.It offers competitive prices and provides exceptional customer service. [Read more]

  3. 3
    Muneshwers Port Operations

    Muneshwers Limited offers two port facilities, one located at Water Street and the second at Houston, which focuses on providing shore base services. [Read more]

  4. 4
    Muneshwers Shipping Agency

    Muneshwers is the shipping agent, stevedore and terminal operator for the Maersk/Sealand Shipping Line, the largest shipping line in the world and one of the market leaders in Guyana. The shipping agency has over 20 year of experience in the shipping industry and caters to the import and export needs of the country’s business sector. [Read more]

  5. 5
    Muneshwers Travel Service

    The travel agency was acquired in 1991 and Mr. Amernauth Muneshwer made some changes which transformed the agency into the most successful travel service in Guyana for two decades and more. [Read more]

  6. 6
    Oil and Gas- Guyana Shore Base Inc.

    The management of Muneshwers Limited can be deemed as visionaries as they saw the need for a modern container port in Guyana. In 2013, Muneshwers Limited purchased a 30-acre plot of raw waterfront property in Houston, which became the second port owned by the company. [Read more]

  7. 7
    Muneshwers Inland Transportation Services

    We offer delivery of containers for Maersk customers and a dispatch service for moving cargo in Guyana [Read More]

  8. 8
    Muneshwers Customs Brokerage

    Since 1991, the company has operated its own customs brokerage department, which is responsible for processing all goods bought by the different stores under the Muneshwers Group of Companies. [Read more]