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Cranes Guyana Inc.

Paragon Transportation & Lifting Services Inc. is a fully local content registered and compliant company, formed to synergize operations of GYSBI and Muneshwers ports and provide a turnkey solution to customers and partners.

The company is dedicated to conventional and specialized transportation and lifting operations, strategically positioned within a consortium of sister companies allowing us to meet our customer needs successfully.

Our Vision is to become the most progressive, customer-focused trucking company in the industry, whilst creating a better future for our customers, partners, and employees.

Our Mission is to create an innovative and dynamic business model which emphases customer-centricity, safety, adherence to regulations, and cost efficiency.

To build a safety-focused operation the company will utilize the latest technologies, best practices, and strategies in logistics and compliance, as well as capitalize on alternative strategies as they become available.

Transportation and Lifting Services

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